Common Mistakes Bridal Make Up You Need To Avoid

One thing that most people think for their wedding is the make-up. They want to look stunning and shining among anyone. They want to look flawless and perfect. In doing so, many of them do their makeup in a way that makes their face look weird or to many layers. I saw once my sister’s makeup was so terrible. It made her look old and fake. At that time I thought that simple make up was going to work well, though. But bad things happen all the time. She had to pay the makeup artists for the bridal make up that was not as expected.

It Is Not an Experiment

Always keep in mind that you are not supposed to try something new. It is you big day where all the big things are supposed to happen. You do not want to ruin everything just because you want to try something new and it turns out to be a disaster. Otherwise, you need to wear the bridal make-up you have agreed and tested before. So, do not mess your bridal make because you will look at the photos and live with it for the rest of your life.

Lipstick and Lip Gloss

Perhaps you want to look stunning by wearing the reddest lipstick or the most shining lip gloss ever. But you need to remember that both lipstick and lip gloss will look ridiculous on the groom when you kiss him by the end of the ceremony. For some people it is funny. You do not want to be mistaken that your groom is the bride so that there are two brides are getting married, do you? No lipstick and/or lip gloss for bridal make.

Focus On One Part of Your Body

This is common mistake on bridal make up. Most brides and makeup artists always focus to the face only by neglecting the other parts. When the ceremony is over and you look at your photo, you just realized that your face and your neck and shoulder have different colors. Well, you need to make everything look perfect without anything goes unplanned.

Makeup Artists take Control

Do not ever you do this. Everyone has their own styles and sometimes it does not work at all to use some else’s style. So make sure that your bridal makeup artists know your style instead of letting them doing your bridal make up in their way because you will never know how you look until it is done. It does not matter if the result is OK. But taking too much risk for your big day is not a good decision.

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