Affordable Honeymoon in Cambodia and Ireland

Are you going to go on a honeymoon soon in the future? If so, where would you like to go? There are many places in this world you can go with your partner to spend romantic and happy days as newlyweds. Well, speaking about affordable honeymoon, it will surely be cheaper if you go around your country. However, if you want to go abroad, it might be better to exclude the flight price since it can be expensive for those who live far from it, and vice versa.

Honeymoon in 4 Rivers Lodge, Tatai, Cambodia

For inexpensive honeymoon, the writer would like to recommend you to go to 4 Rivers Lodge in Tatai, Cambodia. Have you known about it? You see, 4 Rivers Lodge is a jungle lodge. Located halfway between Bangkok and Phnom Penh, you will find a land with unspoiled forest that is rich of rare orchids, jungle creatures, etc. You can also say that it is a paradise for the birds. As affordable honeymoon, this place is so amazing.

You can always hear the sound of the birds calling everywhere. It makes a nice refreshing atmosphere alongside with the beauty of the nature. You can stay for a night or some to enjoy this natural circumstance by spending $100/night on floating rooms with kayaks. Of course, you will be able to enjoy the high-end amenities as well. It is just a perfect place for affordable honeymoon to spend with the loved ones, don’t you think?

Honeymoon in West Coast of Emerald Isle, Ireland

So, have you gone to Ireland? You know, speaking about romantic honeymoon in affordable price, you might need to take a look at the west coast of Emerald Isle. Well, with it being said as “emerald”, you can expect Ireland to be the island that is so full of greenery. There are charming villages, castles, and vast green land that seem to have no end to it. For affordable honeymoon, it has quite beautiful and fresh view.

Furthermore, you can also stay in cottages with thatched roofs that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Can you resist beautiful scenery of the green land and the blue ocean? It is not common scenery you can see anywhere at the same time. As for the price, you can even spend money under $50/person to stay for a night. It is just romantic place for honeymoon with affordable price, so you should try to consider this place. Having affordable honeymoon with refreshing atmosphere is great.

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