Best Wedding Favor Malaysia Ideas

Wedding favor is one of the most important things that you have to pay attention. Even though it is just a small present that is given to the guests, you need to choose what thing you will use as the wedding favor to make your wedding unforgettable by the guests. Different countries will have different wedding favors. It also happens in Malaysia. If you live in Malaysia, you need to know the following ideas wedding favor Malaysia. You can choose one of the based on your desire.

Mini Chandelier

One of the ideas of wedding favor in Malaysia is mini chandelier. There are many reasons why you should consider this. Firstly, it looks very attractive. With small size, it will be easy to be carried and appropriate to be placed anywhere. Besides that, it also comes in various models. There are many beautiful models that you can choose such as flower, animal, and other shapes. Then, it is also appropriate for wedding favor Malaysia because it is priced inexpensive. That is why it can be a good idea.

Refrigerator Patch of Malacca

The next idea is refrigerator patch of Malacca. Malacca is one of the oldest cities in Malaysia. It has many histories that are unforgettable. With all the histories it has, Malacca becomes a good idea of a refrigerator patch. The models offered are various. For examples are the symbols of Malacca, the map of Malacca, etc. So, choose one of them that you think it is the best. Anyway, refrigerator patch can be a wedding favor Malaysia.

Refrigerator Patch of Penang

Similar to the previous idea, refrigerator patch of Penang can also be one of your options. Penang is one of the most beautiful cities in Malaysia. If offers exotics. There are many tourist destinations in Penang. That is why it becomes an idea of Malaysian wedding favor. It comes with different models. It is commonly designed by adopting one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Penang. So, it looks very beautiful. For sure, this wedding favor Malaysia will not be forgotten by your wedding guests.

A Couple of Tea Spoon

Another idea is a couple of tea spoon. Actually, it is very common as the wedding souvenir in the world. It is also popular in Malaysia. Even though there are some people who have offered this kind of wedding favor Malaysia, it is still interesting. Besides interesting, it will also be useful for the wedding guests. In addition, it has also low price.

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Evening Dress Malaysia
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Fantastic Pre Wedding Photoshoot with London Style and Set

Do you want to feel different sensation which is really impressive and different? In this case you need to do some trips which will bring you to find various pre wedding Photoshoot options than what you imagine before. Through this article we will direct you to see pre wedding Photoshoot which qualifies your need to get an outstanding wedding impression. We will show you the description relating to the Photoshoot to be your reference. We will explain it in some elaborations below.

The Benefit You Get from Pre Wedding Photoshoot with Us

Do you ever go to London? To experience getting a wedding nuance like you can find in London, actually we have found the exact photographers which will give you some offers of engagement shoots of photo in London, Berkshire Surrey, Kent, and any areas of South East UK. You will get also the offer of pre wedding Photoshoot the other Great European cities like Venice, Prague and Paris. Therefore, to get pre wedding Photoshoot based on your city choice you can contact us through email, or quote for that.

To ensure you that we are your best option, you need to know the benefit which is included while choosing our service. Having some shoot times and some travelling expenses are the facilities which you will get from our pre wedding Photoshoot. Besides, there are post image processing and standard editing which guarantee our best shoot. If you want to see our amazing shoot for your wedding, online media can be the way to facilitate it for you easily.

The next thing which you can get through our service includes preview picture which you can see through our blog or our Facebook gallery. To give perfect set of your wedding day, we have wedding slideshow which is accompanied by some music as the background. The quality of picture is guaranteed with high resolution of jpegs which your favorite suitable printing as the option you shouldn’t left. To make the pre wedding Photoshoot easy in delivery, the files are delivered online so you can access them in your home.

Moreover, our service is completed with the option of Chinese and other Asian couples. This will really helpful if you want to marry with Singapore or Hong Kong style since the set can still in London or European. To get pre wedding Photoshoot with London style actually the budget for that is £250. So, don’t miss such great offer from us if you want to find your wedding day more impressive.

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Wedding Photo Booth Malaysia
Wedding Photo Booth Malaysia

Butter Cake for Birthday Party

When you have a birthday, of course you want to celebrate your birthday as merry as possible. There are many ways to celebrate a birthday. You can go recreations with your families, go for dinner with your friends or hold a birthday party. The last one is the most common way for people to celebrate their birthday. If you are also interested to hold a birthday party, there are many preparations that you have to do. Besides the decorations, you should also think about the foods that you will serve to your guests. Usually, you will invite your close friends. So, the most suitable food is cake, for example butter cake.

Why Should It be Butter Cake?

There are many kinds of cake. However, butter cake is the most popular cake. It is because the strong texture. Yes, it has more solid texture so that it is possible to be accessorized easily. So, if you want to accessorize it, you’d not need to worry that the accessories will damage the cake. The materials also make it longer before getting expired. The butter cake shapes also ease you to save it. You can also make it a cup cake.

How to Eat Butter Cake

Maybe you have understood how to make batter cake because there are many references about it. Now, we will talk about how to eat butter cake. Eating this kind of cake is easier than eating other kinds of cake. There are many shapes of this cake. However, basically there are only two shapes, they are square and round. If the cake is round shaped, it will be better to cut it into four pieces. Firstly, cut the cake into a half vertically. Then cut it again horizontally so that becomes four pieces. Then, the cake is ready to eat. Eat it piece by piece.

On the other hand, the square butter cake will be easier to eat because it is easier to cut. To cut this square cake, you just need to cut the cake into some thin pieces. Cut it in one line, either vertically or horizontally. After that, you can eat each piece by piece. It is different from other kinds of cake where you need a fork to enjoy it. Butter cake can be enjoyed by your hand without any tool.

After you know that butter cake is more than other kinds of cake, you can apply it when you hold a birthday party or other kinds of party. Besides less expensive, it is also easier to eat. Hopefully this is be useful and can be a reference for anyone.

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butter cake