The Island of Langkawi: Astonishing Beach Wedding in Malaysia

Finding a right romantic place to declare the love in a marriage is one important matter to do, since it is going to be the unforgettable place to remember the time when two flock of the bird comes together in a sacred promise. Some people are reserving the big hall in the city, or going secluded in a reserved mountain’s hill or lake. The other people choose to get married among the breezy wind of the ocean: The beach. We would like to share one good beach wedding in Malaysia for your reference here.

beach wedding in Malaysia
beach wedding in Malaysia


If you happen to live in this South East Asian country, then you might already or at least ever hear the name of beach wedding in Malaysia called the Langkawi Island. People from around the world are talking about that place to be one wonderful spot to get married or doing the honey moon. The breezy and calm air of the nautical environment and the sound of waves pounding around the coast will just become some stuff you will hear from numerous great thing over there.

Prodigious Langkawi Island as beach wedding spot

This Langkawi beach wedding in Malaysia is one of the most anticipated destinations for wedding celebration in Asia. There are abundant tourists who want to whether held their wedding party or just visiting the panorama there far away from many countries in Europe and American continents. This place is known as its thriven and thro island with exquisite aspects.

People are celebrating their wedding in some venues of this Langkawi beach wedding in Malaysia. Most of them are in Tanjung Rhu resort and the shore of the beach. They are mostly held the wedding there because they those spots have the charming blue ocean and the serene melody of the ocean, making it as the romantic beachfront wedding party.

The resort in this Langkawi beach wedding in Malaysia there is also picturesque, since it is located in the middle of the green garden of pristine where the green and fresh environment are packed at one place. This Malaysian’s beach wedding resort has various packages as well to be chosen as the theme of the wedding party. From small to big wedding ceremony. You can also pick the banquet and the theme of the party by yourself. How about it? Are you interested to get married in Malaysia?

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Taking an Impressive but Cheap Honeymoon Today

A honeymoon is the pleasant moment for a mate. That can be the symbol of the gate for a marriage. That becomes the sign of the new life’s gate. Because of that, for the modern mate, the honeymoon becomes the inevitable moment to be taken after marriage. However, sometimes the wedding ceremony spent too much money and there are no budget left for a honeymoon. At the situation, you will need a cheap honeymoon.

The cheap honeymoon can be held through some ways. The meaning of the honeymoon actually is not depended on its price but it depends on the way of its presentation. Because of that, you do not need to feel embarrassed just because you are able to hold the cheap honeymoon type. A honeymoon is a symbol of love and it is really sure that love cannot be compared with a value of money. Love is depends on the condition of your heart actually.

Some Ways for Taking a Cheap Honeymoon

The cheap honeymoon can be presented in the special way to keep the satisfied feeling of honeymoon itself. You must make its perfect plan to avoid the bad final result of your cheap honeymoon style. Some couples like to get their honeymoon abroad, but when you have only the low budget, you can avoid this idea. You can choose the honeymoon in the near but special place from your location. That can need only the little budget to be prepared.

It will be better for you to talk about your cheap honeymoon plan with your mate. That is needed for making the better plan too since two minds can give more ideas about making a great honeymoon. Your cheap budgeted honeymoon then is more possible to make you feel satisfied feeling. That can be the chance that is too well to be ignored. Making a plan with your mate is actually so romantic too to be chosen.

It is actually possible too for you to use your connection for getting your cheap honeymoon. If you have the acquaintance that has the control into the special location for honeymoon, you can contact him. As an acquaintance, it is possible for you to get the lower cost for spending your honeymoon in his place. This way can be chosen as the best choice especially for getting your honeymoon in a natural place for example with the low budget.

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cheap honeymoon

Barbados Honeymoon for the Greatest Place

Honeymoon is one of the important things after you have got married with your couple. However, have you decided to get the best place for your honeymoon? If you have no idea to get the best place yet, the Barbados Honeymoon for your place to honeymoon is the best choice because in this one, you will get the great service. Barbados is located in the southern Caribbean. It is just 250 miles northeast of South America. Because of that, this place is not far so that you can choose this one as one of your alternatives for your honeymoon.

The best one in the Barbados Honeymoon

If we talk about wedding but we do not talk about honeymoon, it will be bored. Honeymoon as one of the best event for wedding should be decided carefully so that we have the impressive memory when we have married. Gaining this purpose, you can choose the amazing place with the best service in the Barbados Honeymoon. In this place, you will get the satisfaction service because the honeymoon of Barbados resort is special for honeymoon event so that you will get the satisfaction in there.

Since lace that special for honeymoon, Barbados Honeymoon resort will serve the customer with many places that can be chosen by you. In the honeymoon of Barbados resort, you can find the breathless Punta Cana, Couples Negril, Couples swept away, and so forth. It will be your preference where do you want to stay. Those places are great that can be chosen by you as honeymoon place.

Why Barbados Honeymoon?

Then you will ask why Barbados Honeymoon? You may think that not every place may be good for you although the place has great facility. However, in this honeymoon of Barbados resort, you will get the satisfaction not only by its facility. In this one, you will find the friendly environment that can comfort you while getting honeymoon.

Furthermore, in the Barbados Honeymoon you also will find the friendly service that can comfort you in the resort. Besides, the most important that in this place you will get the best price guarantee that can guarantee you to pay the price of the resort. Then, in this resort, you also will get the small deposit because this place is not too far from your place. With the beautiful appearance of this place, it will be interesting for you to come to this place after you get married with your couple.

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Barbados Honeymoon

Affordable Honeymoon in Cambodia and Ireland

Are you going to go on a honeymoon soon in the future? If so, where would you like to go? There are many places in this world you can go with your partner to spend romantic and happy days as newlyweds. Well, speaking about affordable honeymoon, it will surely be cheaper if you go around your country. However, if you want to go abroad, it might be better to exclude the flight price since it can be expensive for those who live far from it, and vice versa.

Honeymoon in 4 Rivers Lodge, Tatai, Cambodia

For inexpensive honeymoon, the writer would like to recommend you to go to 4 Rivers Lodge in Tatai, Cambodia. Have you known about it? You see, 4 Rivers Lodge is a jungle lodge. Located halfway between Bangkok and Phnom Penh, you will find a land with unspoiled forest that is rich of rare orchids, jungle creatures, etc. You can also say that it is a paradise for the birds. As affordable honeymoon, this place is so amazing.

You can always hear the sound of the birds calling everywhere. It makes a nice refreshing atmosphere alongside with the beauty of the nature. You can stay for a night or some to enjoy this natural circumstance by spending $100/night on floating rooms with kayaks. Of course, you will be able to enjoy the high-end amenities as well. It is just a perfect place for affordable honeymoon to spend with the loved ones, don’t you think?

Honeymoon in West Coast of Emerald Isle, Ireland

So, have you gone to Ireland? You know, speaking about romantic honeymoon in affordable price, you might need to take a look at the west coast of Emerald Isle. Well, with it being said as “emerald”, you can expect Ireland to be the island that is so full of greenery. There are charming villages, castles, and vast green land that seem to have no end to it. For affordable honeymoon, it has quite beautiful and fresh view.

Furthermore, you can also stay in cottages with thatched roofs that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Can you resist beautiful scenery of the green land and the blue ocean? It is not common scenery you can see anywhere at the same time. As for the price, you can even spend money under $50/person to stay for a night. It is just romantic place for honeymoon with affordable price, so you should try to consider this place. Having affordable honeymoon with refreshing atmosphere is great.

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