Best Wedding Favor Malaysia Ideas

Wedding favor is one of the most important things that you have to pay attention. Even though it is just a small present that is given to the guests, you need to choose what thing you will use as the wedding favor to make your wedding unforgettable by the guests. Different countries will have different wedding favors. It also happens in Malaysia. If you live in Malaysia, you need to know the following ideas wedding favor Malaysia. You can choose one of the based on your desire.

Mini Chandelier

One of the ideas of wedding favor in Malaysia is mini chandelier. There are many reasons why you should consider this. Firstly, it looks very attractive. With small size, it will be easy to be carried and appropriate to be placed anywhere. Besides that, it also comes in various models. There are many beautiful models that you can choose such as flower, animal, and other shapes. Then, it is also appropriate for wedding favor Malaysia because it is priced inexpensive. That is why it can be a good idea.

Refrigerator Patch of Malacca

The next idea is refrigerator patch of Malacca. Malacca is one of the oldest cities in Malaysia. It has many histories that are unforgettable. With all the histories it has, Malacca becomes a good idea of a refrigerator patch. The models offered are various. For examples are the symbols of Malacca, the map of Malacca, etc. So, choose one of them that you think it is the best. Anyway, refrigerator patch can be a wedding favor Malaysia.

Refrigerator Patch of Penang

Similar to the previous idea, refrigerator patch of Penang can also be one of your options. Penang is one of the most beautiful cities in Malaysia. If offers exotics. There are many tourist destinations in Penang. That is why it becomes an idea of Malaysian wedding favor. It comes with different models. It is commonly designed by adopting one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Penang. So, it looks very beautiful. For sure, this wedding favor Malaysia will not be forgotten by your wedding guests.

A Couple of Tea Spoon

Another idea is a couple of tea spoon. Actually, it is very common as the wedding souvenir in the world. It is also popular in Malaysia. Even though there are some people who have offered this kind of wedding favor Malaysia, it is still interesting. Besides interesting, it will also be useful for the wedding guests. In addition, it has also low price.

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Evening Dress Malaysia
Evening Dress Malaysia

Best Makeup artist in Kuala Lumpur for special day

The wedding party is a big day for everyone which only due once a life. It will make the preparation for the moment should best and need more concern. They are including costumes, places, themes and also the makeup have same crucial role for your big day. There are two best makeup artist in Kuala Lumpur become your inspiration. Consider your wedding themes before you choose one because the matching will give attractive and awesome day.

Kelly Ngiam Makeup Artist

The first makeup artist that you should know is Kelly Ngiam. The famous Kelly Ngiam makeup artist is really doubtless while handling every occasion. The experience of makeup artist over three years make she has big name in makeup artist field. The makeup knowledge she got when she took a course in NYX academy. The practices that NYX share with Kelly make she got so much knowledge which are now apply in the personal makeup artist field and rear her name. Even they are so many professional makeup artist in Kuala Lumpur, Kelly still on the peak of the rate.

She use the natural, simple and light concept which will appropriate for different face shape, body shape, complexion and other factor that influence the makeup. Kelly Ngiam is very popular makeup artist in Kuala Lumpur especially around Penang city. She also uses the famous brands for the cosmetic collection of foundation, lipstick, mascara and so on. The trusted brand will give best result makeup for the customers. So, Kelly does not use the common cosmetics brand because she will not disappoint them.

Grace Wang

The second famous makeup artist in Kuala Lumpur is Grace Wang which use the joy and satisfaction services for every women. The skillful on makeup artist she gets from the long time study in Taiwan. She will make up the bride without avoid the personality that already exist in the individual. She is the professional makeup artist that will beautify the bride and add more attractive appearance for the special day. The confident of the bride is her satisfaction when Grace successfully finished the masterpiece.

Grace uses the best brands cosmetics in the world such as Lancome, MAC, the Bobbi Brown cosmetics and others. As the professional makeup artist in Kuala Lumpur she will not make the client disappointed and run away from another makeup artist. So, Grace always gives the satisfying services that are complete with bridal makeup collection. They are including pre wedding makeup, photo session and dinner makeup with different gorgeous touched.

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Wedding Gown Malaysia

Common Mistakes Bridal Make Up You Need To Avoid

One thing that most people think for their wedding is the make-up. They want to look stunning and shining among anyone. They want to look flawless and perfect. In doing so, many of them do their makeup in a way that makes their face look weird or to many layers. I saw once my sister’s makeup was so terrible. It made her look old and fake. At that time I thought that simple make up was going to work well, though. But bad things happen all the time. She had to pay the makeup artists for the bridal make up that was not as expected.

It Is Not an Experiment

Always keep in mind that you are not supposed to try something new. It is you big day where all the big things are supposed to happen. You do not want to ruin everything just because you want to try something new and it turns out to be a disaster. Otherwise, you need to wear the bridal make-up you have agreed and tested before. So, do not mess your bridal make because you will look at the photos and live with it for the rest of your life.

Lipstick and Lip Gloss

Perhaps you want to look stunning by wearing the reddest lipstick or the most shining lip gloss ever. But you need to remember that both lipstick and lip gloss will look ridiculous on the groom when you kiss him by the end of the ceremony. For some people it is funny. You do not want to be mistaken that your groom is the bride so that there are two brides are getting married, do you? No lipstick and/or lip gloss for bridal make.

Focus On One Part of Your Body

This is common mistake on bridal make up. Most brides and makeup artists always focus to the face only by neglecting the other parts. When the ceremony is over and you look at your photo, you just realized that your face and your neck and shoulder have different colors. Well, you need to make everything look perfect without anything goes unplanned.

Makeup Artists take Control

Do not ever you do this. Everyone has their own styles and sometimes it does not work at all to use some else’s style. So make sure that your bridal makeup artists know your style instead of letting them doing your bridal make up in their way because you will never know how you look until it is done. It does not matter if the result is OK. But taking too much risk for your big day is not a good decision.

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