The Ways to Have the Real Wedding Malaysia

When you want to have the best real wedding, you need to have well preparation in all matter about the wedding. Well, the preparation here will bring you to have the best moment in your life. Actually, there are many kinds of the idea that can be your reference. However, here we will talk about the way to find the best agent in order to have the real wedding Malaysia. I hope it can be the consideration and you will have unforgettable wedding moment.

Find the trusted agent

The first and the very important thing before having the real wedding Malaysia is finding the best agent. Well, the agent here will give the hand to you that can ease the preparation in your wedding party. In order to find the best agent, you can search by the internet. Considering the kinds of website can be useful because the website will provide the details about the agent. In other hand, having consultation before dealing is also important to deliver your concept.

Considering the package

After finding the kind of the trusted agent in the real wedding Malaysia, you should know well about the wedding package. Well, it is reasonable because the package here will provide the all of your need. Here, it will be better for you to consider the details of the package of wedding, such as the beverages, the decoration, and other. Also, it will be better for you to have the consultation to explain your concept.

The souvenir

In order to keep the best moment in your wedding party, it will be great for you to have the souvenir. Here, the real wedding Malaysia offers the kinds of the souvenir that will pleasant and color your wedding moment. In this case, you can ask about the kinds of the souvenir such as the card or other handmade. Also, it is important for you to consider the material and the design of it to have the best quality of the souvenir.

Considering the price

The last kind of the matter inside the real wedding Malaysia that you need to consider is the price. Well, the real wedding Malaysia agent has the details of the price based on the package that you will choose in your wedding. In this case, it is important for you to know the details of the package with the details of the price. Remember, the best service will need more price than the common one.

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Wedding Package Malaysia
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The Appropriate Modern Wedding in Johor and Great Facilities

Johor is one of the most appropriate places for proposing the idea about elite wedding style. That is caused by the fact about so many great facilities to be found there. When you have the great budgets for proposing your wedding moment, taking the wedding in Johor can be the best choice today. The elite sense of the wedding can increase your social status too and that can be gained perfectly when you propose the idea about it to be implemented in Johor.

The facilities for elite wedding are easy to be found in Johor. That includes the wedding venue in Johor, the wedding shop for buying the special accessories, and of course the available place for proposing the idea about the great wedding party there too. You can make the most impressive wedding party through the wedding in Johor. To gain that purpose, you must prepare the budget at first and then you must know too about the possibility of making the perfect wedding plan there.

The Planner for Wedding in Johor

When you want to compose the idea about wedding in Johor, you must choose the appropriate planner too. The planner must know all of the potency can be found in the place where the wedding party is held. Then he can use it in its maximum level for gaining all of the desired final result through the wedding party. Because of that, it will be wiser and better for you to choose the prominent planner of wedding when you want to make the perfect wedding there.

The wedding in Johor can be composed based on the modern and traditional style. However, it is more appropriate one to be composed in the modern way. The modern way of wedding celebration becomes easier to be composed because of the available supporting things there are commonly found in modern style too. When you compose the wedding party there based on the traditional concept, you must combine it with the modern touch too to make it easier to be composed.

It is actually easy to find some locations for wedding in Johor. One of the most prominent places there for wedding party for example is the Berjaya hotel and resort. This one offers the complete service for proposing the wedding in modern style but with the possible combination and the traditional touch in details. If you want your wedding moment becomes the most impressive one, you can choose the place for your wedding.

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Wedding Shoes Malaysia
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How to Buy a Wedding Ring Malaysia

If you want to get married, you may need to prepare many things. You should also give something special to the bride. The most common is wedding ring. Nowadays, wedding ring becomes the tradition that must be given by the groom to the bride. It also happens in Malaysia. However, you cannot buy the wedding ring carelessly. As a special ring, you have also to make it special. You have to make sure that the wedding ring is matched to the bride and comfortable to wear. So, you need to know some factors that you have to consider in buying wedding ring Malaysia.

Ring Types

Firstly, you have to decide the wedding ring type that you are going to buy. The most common wedding ring types are titanium, silver, and gold. The best choice is gold wedding ring Malaysia. Considering the cost, titanium will be the least expensive whereas the gold will be the most expensive. However, gold is the most beautiful. I think, it does not matter to spend more money for a special wedding ring. However, it will also depend on your budget to choose the type of wedding ring Malaysia.

Buying Guides

In buying the wedding ring, you have to know the following guides. It will be a good idea to ask the bride’s best friend or sister to accompany you to buy the wedding ring. She certainly knows the model of ring that the bride wants. After that, you also decide the level of carat. It will affect the quality of the ring. Besides that, ring color is also important. It can be based on her favorite color or you can customize it to her skin color. Then, you also need to choose the ring cut so that the wedding ring Malaysia will be appropriate for the bride.

Diamond Setting

The last is the diamond wetting. Commonly, a wedding ring will apply a diamond. You can also apply wedding ring Malaysia with diamond. There are various setting that you can apply. They are solitaire setting, side stone setting, and three or multi stones setting. Choose one of the settings to create the beautiful wedding ring Malaysia.

That is all that you have to know in buying wedding ring Malaysia. There are many considerations and tips that you have to pay attention. So, make sure that the wedding ring you buy can make the bride happy. Hopefully this will be useful for you who want to buy a wedding ring.

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Wedding Accessories Malaysia
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Best Wedding Favor Malaysia Ideas

Wedding favor is one of the most important things that you have to pay attention. Even though it is just a small present that is given to the guests, you need to choose what thing you will use as the wedding favor to make your wedding unforgettable by the guests. Different countries will have different wedding favors. It also happens in Malaysia. If you live in Malaysia, you need to know the following ideas wedding favor Malaysia. You can choose one of the based on your desire.

Mini Chandelier

One of the ideas of wedding favor in Malaysia is mini chandelier. There are many reasons why you should consider this. Firstly, it looks very attractive. With small size, it will be easy to be carried and appropriate to be placed anywhere. Besides that, it also comes in various models. There are many beautiful models that you can choose such as flower, animal, and other shapes. Then, it is also appropriate for wedding favor Malaysia because it is priced inexpensive. That is why it can be a good idea.

Refrigerator Patch of Malacca

The next idea is refrigerator patch of Malacca. Malacca is one of the oldest cities in Malaysia. It has many histories that are unforgettable. With all the histories it has, Malacca becomes a good idea of a refrigerator patch. The models offered are various. For examples are the symbols of Malacca, the map of Malacca, etc. So, choose one of them that you think it is the best. Anyway, refrigerator patch can be a wedding favor Malaysia.

Refrigerator Patch of Penang

Similar to the previous idea, refrigerator patch of Penang can also be one of your options. Penang is one of the most beautiful cities in Malaysia. If offers exotics. There are many tourist destinations in Penang. That is why it becomes an idea of Malaysian wedding favor. It comes with different models. It is commonly designed by adopting one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Penang. So, it looks very beautiful. For sure, this wedding favor Malaysia will not be forgotten by your wedding guests.

A Couple of Tea Spoon

Another idea is a couple of tea spoon. Actually, it is very common as the wedding souvenir in the world. It is also popular in Malaysia. Even though there are some people who have offered this kind of wedding favor Malaysia, it is still interesting. Besides interesting, it will also be useful for the wedding guests. In addition, it has also low price.

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Evening Dress Malaysia
Evening Dress Malaysia

Best Makeup artist in Kuala Lumpur for special day

The wedding party is a big day for everyone which only due once a life. It will make the preparation for the moment should best and need more concern. They are including costumes, places, themes and also the makeup have same crucial role for your big day. There are two best makeup artist in Kuala Lumpur become your inspiration. Consider your wedding themes before you choose one because the matching will give attractive and awesome day.

Kelly Ngiam Makeup Artist

The first makeup artist that you should know is Kelly Ngiam. The famous Kelly Ngiam makeup artist is really doubtless while handling every occasion. The experience of makeup artist over three years make she has big name in makeup artist field. The makeup knowledge she got when she took a course in NYX academy. The practices that NYX share with Kelly make she got so much knowledge which are now apply in the personal makeup artist field and rear her name. Even they are so many professional makeup artist in Kuala Lumpur, Kelly still on the peak of the rate.

She use the natural, simple and light concept which will appropriate for different face shape, body shape, complexion and other factor that influence the makeup. Kelly Ngiam is very popular makeup artist in Kuala Lumpur especially around Penang city. She also uses the famous brands for the cosmetic collection of foundation, lipstick, mascara and so on. The trusted brand will give best result makeup for the customers. So, Kelly does not use the common cosmetics brand because she will not disappoint them.

Grace Wang

The second famous makeup artist in Kuala Lumpur is Grace Wang which use the joy and satisfaction services for every women. The skillful on makeup artist she gets from the long time study in Taiwan. She will make up the bride without avoid the personality that already exist in the individual. She is the professional makeup artist that will beautify the bride and add more attractive appearance for the special day. The confident of the bride is her satisfaction when Grace successfully finished the masterpiece.

Grace uses the best brands cosmetics in the world such as Lancome, MAC, the Bobbi Brown cosmetics and others. As the professional makeup artist in Kuala Lumpur she will not make the client disappointed and run away from another makeup artist. So, Grace always gives the satisfying services that are complete with bridal makeup collection. They are including pre wedding makeup, photo session and dinner makeup with different gorgeous touched.

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Wedding Gown Malaysia
Wedding Gown Malaysia

Fantastic Pre Wedding Photoshoot with London Style and Set

Do you want to feel different sensation which is really impressive and different? In this case you need to do some trips which will bring you to find various pre wedding Photoshoot options than what you imagine before. Through this article we will direct you to see pre wedding Photoshoot which qualifies your need to get an outstanding wedding impression. We will show you the description relating to the Photoshoot to be your reference. We will explain it in some elaborations below.

The Benefit You Get from Pre Wedding Photoshoot with Us

Do you ever go to London? To experience getting a wedding nuance like you can find in London, actually we have found the exact photographers which will give you some offers of engagement shoots of photo in London, Berkshire Surrey, Kent, and any areas of South East UK. You will get also the offer of pre wedding Photoshoot the other Great European cities like Venice, Prague and Paris. Therefore, to get pre wedding Photoshoot based on your city choice you can contact us through email, or quote for that.

To ensure you that we are your best option, you need to know the benefit which is included while choosing our service. Having some shoot times and some travelling expenses are the facilities which you will get from our pre wedding Photoshoot. Besides, there are post image processing and standard editing which guarantee our best shoot. If you want to see our amazing shoot for your wedding, online media can be the way to facilitate it for you easily.

The next thing which you can get through our service includes preview picture which you can see through our blog or our Facebook gallery. To give perfect set of your wedding day, we have wedding slideshow which is accompanied by some music as the background. The quality of picture is guaranteed with high resolution of jpegs which your favorite suitable printing as the option you shouldn’t left. To make the pre wedding Photoshoot easy in delivery, the files are delivered online so you can access them in your home.

Moreover, our service is completed with the option of Chinese and other Asian couples. This will really helpful if you want to marry with Singapore or Hong Kong style since the set can still in London or European. To get pre wedding Photoshoot with London style actually the budget for that is £250. So, don’t miss such great offer from us if you want to find your wedding day more impressive.

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Wedding Photo Booth Malaysia
Wedding Photo Booth Malaysia

Three Things to Ponder Before Deciding your Bridal Gown Rental to Choose

Preparing the wedding party does not always mean you need to prepare everything in brand new thing. There is no such rule called the wedding should use all new things. People are often using their mother’s wedding ring that is down from generation to generation and same things goes to the wedding dress. If you have no such heritage bridal gown then simply pick one bridal gown rental to cut the cost is good. Since the matter of budget is always strict, the choice to cut the cost by renting the gown is a good idea, but remember these three things to do before picking one.

Tips for renting gown in bridal gown rental and sales

First thing first to do before taking one bridal gown rental for yourself is ensuring your choice. You need to ask yourself about what kind of bridal gown you need? How does it look like? What style does the gown should be. And however, one understanding that you should be heed is the choice of renting the gown. You should know that renting one is not always mean you can fulfill what you desire of, since it is cheaper in cost. So, by knowing how the dress you want and understand your choice of renting, you will get even wiser to choose which one better.

The second tips to do for bridal gown rental choice is gaining information about it. You can ask reference from people about their suggestions of wedding dress rental. It can be from family or friends who have got married before you. Right when you have the Google about those several shops, choose two or three shops you feel mostly match your choice and go inspecting ‘em.

The third tips to do before taking one bridal gown rental home is inspecting the gown as detail as possible. This tip goes similarly to the agreement you make with the rental. Ascertain yourself to read the detail contract in order not to find the big problem later. You need to pay attention also in every line and parts of the gown you rent, since it will also give a huge problem if it is not done properly.

Those three bridal gown rental tips are what we know need to be done. As long as you follow them, things are not gonna get screwed into mess. And remember low your expectation to get such designer bridal gown rental by understanding the choice to rent yourself.

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Wedding Dress Malaysia
Wedding Dress Malaysia

The Ideas of Wedding Proposal Malaysia

Uniqueness and creativity you can find in wedding proposal Malaysia. By knowing Malaysian creativity, I believe that you get an idea or two to propose your beloved. In addition, this is perfect to use is as the surprise. Further, the moments are very romantic and it will become one of the most unforgettable moments in your life. If so, you can follow the way how to propose your spouse as the wedding proposal ideas Malaysia below. For sure, you can enlarge your proposal concept to propose her.

wedding proposal Malaysia
wedding proposal Malaysia

Wedding Proposal Ideas Malaysia

Uniqueness can be found in the wedding proposal Malaysia on the plan. This was happened in the Air Asia. Now everyone not only can fly. More than that, everyone can propose their spouse on the plan. This wedding proposal is very romantic because the witnesses are all passengers on the plan at that time. If you want to propose your spouse on plan, you need to communicate it with the crewmen and crewwomen in good way. This is important to make sure that it works.

Further, the next idea of wedding proposal Malaysia you can follow is proposing the spouse through the LCD TV. If you want to propose your spouse this way, you can invite your spouse to come with you to a store. From the window shopping, you can propose your beloved and ask her to marry you romantically. Everyone or most visitors of the store will be the witness of your wedding proposal. This way is one of the most favorite proposal ideas to follow.

The more wedding proposal idea that is interesting is wedding proposal Malaysia in the theater or cinema. This proposal you can practice by inviting your spouse to come with you to the fake cinema. After you prepare the fake viewers of the cinema who are the witness of your wedding proposal, you are able propose your spouse. This surprise will definitely surprise your spouse and she will be very happy. Don’t forget to prepare the most romantic and touchable song as the back sound to make it more romantic.

The last wedding proposal Malaysia that is recommended to try is proposing your spouse at the park. Arrange a unique word or some in the park. Arrange it on the grass of the park. You can make it from crap paper, flowers, or the other unique materials. After that, you can ask for your friends to help you propose your spouse. The examples above can be applied and practice easily. Importantly, you have to have some friends to make it works.

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Bridesmaid Dress Malaysia
Bridesmaid Dress Malaysia

Kind of Royal Purple Wedding which Will Not Be Outdated

Have you been familiar with purple wedding? Such purple wedding term is actually a nickname given by the fan and historically it began in King Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell wedding, 300 AC. Based on such long history of the arrival, of course applying such wedding model is really interesting to be found. For you who want to know about that and get some guides to present in the wedding event you involve, some information below will be useful to notice

purple wedding
purple wedding

How to Organize Ancient Purple Wedding Based on the History

Anything which relates to vintage or history has special attraction, especially this purple wedding. Firstly, we will talk about the breakfast set which is presented by purple wedding concept. Since it impresses nobility of user like what occurs in the House Lannister, ballroom Queen’s Ballroom can be the exact venue for that. Presenting Illuminated of Lives of Four Kings and ruby lion, Rose, emerald, opal sun, pearl direwolf and silver trout can be the great decoration for that.

Different from the breakfast, wedding feast can describe the charm of purple wedding. In the agenda, you can present seventy seven kinds of dishes to provide on your dinner table. The existence of classic music and song singer can add deeper nuance within the agenda. Lord Renly’s Ride and A Rose of Gold were premiered as the chosen song for creating a harmony during the feast. Furthermore, an entertainment coming from pipers, sword swallowers and pyromancers inject the charming value.

While console preparation has been so perfect to entertain the feast participants, the other preparation which is also important can be the seat organization for making the guest more comfortable. Add certain beverage to enhance the ambiance and make it more relax. Wine can be the best choice to warm the gather among the guess, especially the purple wedding is hold in winter. One of the important things which should also exist is pie cake which will be cut in the agenda. This will share the happiness to more people existing there.

In conclusion, the reference above can make you now the steps which you should take in holding purple wedding. It seems so ancient but the value and luxury which are described by the royal wedding long centuries ago can be your reflection to apply now. Actually, it is so easy to understand and apply because it is divided into the sets of having the food. They can be the set for having breakfast to the feast.

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The Island of Langkawi: Astonishing Beach Wedding in Malaysia

Finding a right romantic place to declare the love in a marriage is one important matter to do, since it is going to be the unforgettable place to remember the time when two flock of the bird comes together in a sacred promise. Some people are reserving the big hall in the city, or going secluded in a reserved mountain’s hill or lake. The other people choose to get married among the breezy wind of the ocean: The beach. We would like to share one good beach wedding in Malaysia for your reference here.

beach wedding in Malaysia
beach wedding in Malaysia


If you happen to live in this South East Asian country, then you might already or at least ever hear the name of beach wedding in Malaysia called the Langkawi Island. People from around the world are talking about that place to be one wonderful spot to get married or doing the honey moon. The breezy and calm air of the nautical environment and the sound of waves pounding around the coast will just become some stuff you will hear from numerous great thing over there.

Prodigious Langkawi Island as beach wedding spot

This Langkawi beach wedding in Malaysia is one of the most anticipated destinations for wedding celebration in Asia. There are abundant tourists who want to whether held their wedding party or just visiting the panorama there far away from many countries in Europe and American continents. This place is known as its thriven and thro island with exquisite aspects.

People are celebrating their wedding in some venues of this Langkawi beach wedding in Malaysia. Most of them are in Tanjung Rhu resort and the shore of the beach. They are mostly held the wedding there because they those spots have the charming blue ocean and the serene melody of the ocean, making it as the romantic beachfront wedding party.

The resort in this Langkawi beach wedding in Malaysia there is also picturesque, since it is located in the middle of the green garden of pristine where the green and fresh environment are packed at one place. This Malaysian’s beach wedding resort has various packages as well to be chosen as the theme of the wedding party. From small to big wedding ceremony. You can also pick the banquet and the theme of the party by yourself. How about it? Are you interested to get married in Malaysia?

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